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Buzz Moens wasn't raised in the age of "going viral" and getting thousands of views or likes. Instead, he touched thousands of lives with a simple act of kindness.Read about Buzz's life and legacy as told by his grandson, Nick Paradise, through the new book, Angel Man.

Any of us can be the Angel Man or Angel Woman. We can be the Angel Father. The Angel Mother. The Angel Brother or Angel Sister. Whatever your version looks like, it starts with you and only takes a small amount of effort to share the ripple effect that all began with my grandfather, the Angel Man.—Nick Paradise, Author of Angel ManIn Angel Man author Nick Paradise profiles the life of his grandfather, Buzz Moens, who with the help of his wife Carol Ann Moens, created a tradition Nick believes can quite literally change the world. Through stories of those who have been impacted in big and small ways by Buzz’s tradition, we learn that there is much good to be celebrated in the world, and with a little effort, we too can spread the kindness, positivity, hope, and love we all so desperately crave and deserve.

Buy Angel Man for a loved one or for employees in your business, and empower them to share the message of Angel Man. As they share the good news with each Angel, record the unbelievable stories that come back.

"On my desk, sitting atop a metal pen case, is one of Buzz Moens’s golden angels. Another is propped on my nightstand. My eldest daughter has one in her car. My middle daughter has one pinned inside her winter coat. My youngest keeps one near her bed. There is another on the windowsill of our kitchen. Not sure who put it there. These small, golden angels contain more meaning than their size, at first, reveals. Keep them in your presence long enough, however, and you’ll begin to experience their power."—Keith Hemstreet, Foreword of Angel ManIn today's world, you never know when someone might need a positive pick-me-up amidst a negative news cycle. Buzz knew how to light up someone's world in the darkest of times, and now you can too.

Nick Paradise believes kindness is contagious and has witnessed the power of paying it forward. Therefore, his "Why" is rooted in reminding others that it's not about politics, division, or whose grass is greener . . . but instead all that we have to celebrate together and be thankful for.Nick was born and raised in Overland Park, Kansas and resides in the area to this day with his wife, Maddie, alongside their two boys, Whitley and Weston.As a business owner in the Kansas City metro, he is now most focused on giving back to his local community and beyond. Nick sits on the board of the BMA Foundation in Kansas City and is the Director of their charity golf tournament. He became a "Big" for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City in 2010, and he is active in the organization to his day.In 2022, Nick made the decision (although a dream for many years) to cement the story of his grandfather, Buzz, in book form to share with the whole world—all because he's seen the beauty and power behind Buzz's neverending drive to share his kind heart with everyone he meets.What began as a suggestion from Buzz's wife, Carol Ann, turned into a tradition that has created powerful and lasting ripple effects in the lives of many along the way. Nick wants to share those stories with you and encourage you to join him in creating new ripples that just may change the world.

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